The traditional Tudor Biwan 58 series replica watches

I donä «now what comes to mind when it comes to the Tudor brand? For me, those are high-quality stainless steel replica watches. So when Tudor announced the launch of the Tudor Biwan 58 in pure gold and silver this year, I was surprised. In addition, compared with the much more expensive pure gold Tudor Biwan 58, the cost of the silver version is the same as the basic Biwan 58. Although the design of the latest Biwan 58 will remain unchanged in 2021, the new metal has made significant changes. Garbo Luxury will take a closer look in this article.

The success of the fifty-eight series of Biwan proves that Tudor is still on the right path. Since the launch of the pitch-black Biwan 58 replica watches, Tudor has left its mark on the public. The next Biwan 58 navy blue version released in 2020 has indeed won a huge fan base for Tudor. Then in 2021, Tudor continued to wear the Biwan 58 replica watch in new, different and impressive clothing. Not only is it equipped with a stainless steel case, the iconic Tudor diving replica watch truly shines in pure gold and silver at the Watches & Wonders 2021 event. One of the two latest candidates brought by Tudor was recently unveiled at Garbo Luxury replica watches uk: Tudor Black Bay No. 58 925 Code Reference. 79010.

Material is a particularly important factor that makes the latest Tudor Biwan 58 925 silver watch unique. Silver was once the material used in the first pocket replica watch, but now there are many more suitable materials, and silver is rarely used in replica watches. Tudor decided to go beyond its comfort zone by introducing two precious metal timepieces. The first one is the fifty-eight of pure gold Biwan. The second one is Tudor Biwan 58 925. What is more surprising is that its case is made of 925 silver. It should be noted that silver has never been used on dive replica watches, at least as far as I know. Our knowledge, this really makes this machine very interesting.

The number 925 means that 925 silver is made of 92.5% pure silver. Just like KFC chicken or Coca-Cola, the exact surface treatment of this alloy is always a secret, but the manufacturer claims that the purpose of the development of this material is correct. Wear it every day.

The difference in material does not detract from the traditional Tudor Biwan 58 series watches. Black Bay fifty-eight reference. 2021 79010 A classic and robust textured case with a 39 mm diameter and durable diving replica watches. In terms of finishing, the manufacturer began to scrape the entire area. Black Bay F88 ref. retains the sporty style of a classic diving replica watch. The 79010 has a connecting fork, which adds a taper and a taper angle.