Beautiful and exquisite replica watches

Complements the silver case on the Black Bay 58 ref. At 79010, Tudor also applied a new color to the dial and bezel for the first time. Maybe it's a special gray called "taupe" from Tudor, which is both beautiful and delicate in my opinion. Even if the manufacturer uses white Super-LumiNova on the snowflake hands and each embossed hour marker replica rolex, it should have a 1960s design style.

In addition to the beauty of the new alloy, what confuses the public (and me) is the ability of 925 silver to change over time. What will change after wearing it for a long time? Is 925 silver easy to rust or fade?

In this regard, Tudor claims to own the exclusive materials of the No. 58 Biwan ref. The 79010 will be protected from discoloration. We have every reason to believe that this manufacturer has conducted hundreds of hours of testing under strict conditions before launching a new product. Obviously, to answer these questions, we have to wait. As Tudor himself asserted, Biwan No. 58 Reference. The 79010 movement has two traditional elements (from a durable diving watch) and a precious piece, so I believe in wearing the Biwan 58 watch. The daily 79010 is very comfortable, but professional divers are not recommended to accompany it.

In the newly launched design, the sapphire glass on the back increases the connection between the user and the watch. Not all brands currently use diving replica watches to add glasses to the back. Even for Rolex replica watches, Submariner has been faithful to its closed case since its launch. Black Bay F88 ref. has two sapphire crystals on the front and back. 79010 can still guarantee 200m waterproof performance. In addition, Tudor also provides users with the opportunity to appreciate the familiar MT5400 automatic movement, which is equipped on all other Biwan 58 replica watches.

The MT5400 movement aims to create a durable modern watch, using modern solutions, such as anti-magnetic hairspring, variable inertia balance wheel... The accuracy of the MT5400 has been guaranteed by Tudor and has been certified by the COSC Observatory. In terms of finishing, the MT5400 is quite industrialized, with sandblasted bridges and frosted wire drawing rotors.

Since Tudor launched the braided strap on Heritage Chrono replica watches in 2010, the braided strap has always been a major feature of Tudor replica watches. The woven Tudor strap is far from ordinary nylon straps, but from Julian. Faure-family business from France with more than 150 years of experience. The military uniform nature of the Tudor woven strap is very obvious, and if you are looking for elegance, you can look for a leather strap, such as the watch design of Gia Bao Luxury.